Instructor Development Course (IDC)

The IDC is your gateway to life as a Professional Diving Educator through the worlds most widely recognised Scuba Diving teaching qualification. There are two components; the Assistant Instructor course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program. These may be completed separately or combined in a full Instructor Development Course program.

Successful completion of the IDC curriculum qualifies Instructor Candidates to attend the PADI Instructor Examination [I.E.] which is conducted independently by PADI HQ staff.

Our Course Directors and Master Instructor IDC Staff put effort into making all IDC sessions Fun & Enjoyable – relieving stress and helping you meet the challenge of studying whilst having a few laughs along the way!

Success on the IE isn’t the primary focus – it is just a stepping stone on the route to life as a PADI Pro…. Our aim is to make YOU an Excellent Instructor – not just to scrape through the exams to get another Cert !
The function of the IDC is to prepare you to become a professional diving instructor; we teach you how to teach people to dive. One of the reasons we are one of the most successful IDC training facilities is that we develop your individual abilities and strengths to enable you to become more effective after the Instructor Evaluation (IE). To many training providers emphasise preparing you to “pass the IE” as the most important aspect of their training programs and little or no real world experience is passed on to you.
We pride ourselves on our success rate at the I.E.s and believe this is primarily due to the course being residential and having the Course Directors and Staff instructors there giving assistance and guidance even after scheduled work is completed. Thus enabling us to give every candidate individual attention. Your Course Directors and Staff instructors are the most highly qualified educationalists in the recreational diving industry and have many years experience which we aim to pass on to you during your course. During your IDC we will be developing your teaching skills, leaving you well prepared for the I.E. and therefore you should not have any problems passing the two day evaluation afterwards.
However you should note that during the IDC we do not develop your theory knowledge or your basic water skills. Therefore success at the I.E. will depend on you having a thorough knowledge of the following topics; (1) Physics, (2) Physiology, (3) Diving skills & Environment, (4) Equipment, (5) Recreational Dive planner (table & eRDP).
We suggest that you use the diving knowledge workbook and the Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving to aid your self study or you could do the eLearning option.(This course is designed for anyone who is interested and wants to improve their dive theory knowledge. PADI Divemaster candidates, IDC-bound Pros, IDC Staff Instructor candidates and Course Director Training Course applicants can use the program to prepare for their course exams. Divers of all levels can take the course for personal enrichment.) You should also be fully familiar with all the confined and open water skills in the PADI open water course and be able to perform the 24 skills circuit to “above average to excellent” as outlined in the Dive master, water skills section four.
Course Prerequisites
•PADI Divemaster or qualifying certification from another training organisation.
•Been a certified diver for at least 6 months
•PADI diver’s medical signed by a physician within the last 12 months. To work in the UK you will need an HSE divers medical
•Minimum 60 logged dives to enrol on the IDC
•Minimum 100 logged dives to enrol on to the IE
•EFR Instructor
•Proof of experience in night, deep and navigation diving.
•Pre-study course manuals and fill in review sections
•Have good personal diving and buoyancy skills
•Be able to snorkel 800 metres

Minimum age
•18 years

How is the course run?
•On-line pre-study from PADI
•7 days

What can I do after this course?
•PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
•PADI Specialty Instructor

What’s not included?
•Instructor course crew-pack
•Instructor Development Application fee payable to PADI
•Instructor Exam fees payable to PADI