Online Training options

Start your Open water training Now!
This is the ideal option for the time poor individual or those of you who like modern learning options. All theory is done on line on your iPad or laptop and when you have it completed contact Sandra for details of the course and when you can start the pool and sea dives. Hit the link below to start a new chapter in your life!

Open Water Diver Course

Continue your Education with further Online Training Courses

Advanced Open water course is all about the dives, Why not have all the homework done before you head to the dive site and spend more time diving than in the Classroom. Sign up today!
Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Rescue Diver Course Online
Again a great way to have all the hard work done before your fun begins at the centre. More time in the water less time in classroom!
Rescue Diver Course

Divemaster Online
Start your new life today!
Divemaster Course

Enriched Air Diver Specialty Online
Enriched Air Diver