Welcome to Waterworld surf school!
Come and join the fun and adventure of surfing in some of the best waves in the Ireland. Waterworld surf school teaches lessons from absolute beginners to the advanced surfer.
Experience the magic of surfing on the most beautiful location in Ireland. Nowhere on Ireland is there such a diverse range of perfect rolling learner waves. At Waterworld surfing is for all to experience. We are fully licensed by the ISA and Kerry County council to teach and our experienced and accredited coaches will ensure you are safe and have fun in the water.
Waves are a gift for us to enjoy!
Embrace the Irish cultural experience and go surfing

Why learn to surf with us?
Experience the fun and trill of the sport of surfing at the best learning beaches in Ireland and with Brandon bay’s Best and most experienced surf school.
We guarantee you’ll be standing and surfing

1 instructor: 8 student’s ratio max
What so I need to bring? Towel and swim suit
We provide all equipment; Soft safe learner boards, Wetsuits
Qualified instructors in the water by you side so YOU feel safe

What lesson do we offer; Surf camps, Groups, Kids, Private
2hrs, 1 day, 3 days and 5 days package